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Sustainability Plan 2019-2023

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We are committed to our children, the future generations of our planet. Driven by a dream, a world that is powered exclusively by clean and renewable energies.

We are proud of our business model based on sustainability. As producers of renewable energy, our activity tackles climate change directly, one of the main challenges of our time.

But beyond our active contribution to a low carbon economy, we feel that we want to do much more to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. Thus, we have developed a Sustainability Plan with clear objectives for 2023. The areas of work at our plan are those where we can create a significant impact according to the opinions of our stakeholders.

As main objectives, we seek to create positive impact in society, in our local communities, to protect the environment and the cultural heritage present in our projects. We embrace transparency and business ethics and believe in policies that take care of our employees helping us to attract and retain talent.

We are concerned by the global challenges and we align our objectives and action plans to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, to contribute to their progress towards achievement by 2030.


Greenalia supports the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. We are committed to making the UN Global Compact and its principles part of the strategy, culture and day-to-day operations of our company.



Action plan:
We calculate our carbon footprint, reduce our emissions as much as possible and compensate those we cannot avoid.

Goals 2019 – 2023:
  • Calculate and reduce progressively our carbon footprint
  • Become a carbon neutral company

Action plan:
We coordinate logistics between divisions and with service providers to maximize the efficiency in the road transport avoiding as much as possible empty truck journeys. At our offices we recycle, eliminate the single use plastic and reduce the use of paper.

Goals 2019 – 2023
  • Coordinated transport
  • Zero single use plastic
  • Recycling at our offices
  • Reduced use of paper

Action Plan:
We aim at sourcing 100% wood from sustainably managed forests FSC/PEFC certified and facilitate the certification of smallholders. We ensure 100% of the biomass comes from local forestry waste, helping to reduce the fire risk in the region. We carry out monitoring plans for the fauna, natural habitats and protected species located in our project areas.

Goals 2019 – 2023:
  • Wood 100% certified FSC/PEFC
  • Biomass 100% local forestry waste origin
  • Maximum attention to biodiversity protection

Action plan:
We ensure fulfilment of investment goals in renewable energy projects of our strategic plan.

Goals 2019 – 2023:
  • 1.000 M EUR investment in transformation of the energy sector

Action plan:
We work to improve the quality of our workplace, focusing on safety, offering better training opportunities and ensuring equality.

Goals 2019 – 2023:
  • Zero accidents
  • Zero inequality
  • Continuous improvement in training opportunities

Action plan:
We communicate regularly in a transparent manner the challenges faced, with regards to the sustainability of our projects and the progress of our strategic plan, through live open webcasts and publication of articles. We welcome external evaluations with the objective of increasing transparency and improving our systems continually.

Goals 2019 – 2023:
  • Communicate results in webcasts every 6 months
  • Publish sustainability articles quarterly
  • External evaluations

Action plan:
We enhance the value of the archaeological sites located in our project areas so that they can can be known by the society. We organise educational visits for students with explanations from qualified experts.

Goals 2019 – 2023:
  • Enhance the archaeological sites of interest in the project areas.

Action plan:
We organize volunteering activities at least twice a year, in consultation with our employees and get involved in an additional social project with a local NGO every year.

Goals 2019 – 2023:
  • Organize volunteering activities at least twice a year
  • Get involved in annual projects with a local social NGO

Action Plan:
We achieve and maintain Fair Wood certification and get involved in collaboration projects linked to education in technology. We measure job creation driven by our projects and our impact in the local economy.

Goals 2019 – 2023:
  • Fair Wood Certification
  • Promotion of technology education through collaboration projects
  • Support and measure local job creation and economy impact