The company has constituted, in agreement of the Board of Directors, on September 11, 2017, an audit committee composed exclusively of two non-executive directors, gathering the status of independents and having been elected them based on its knowledge and experience in accounting and auditing, thus complying with law 22/2015, of 20 July, of auditing accounts. The Board of Directors of the company on that date has designated as members of the Audit Committee:

  • D. Alberto Alejandro López Gómez (president)
  • Norcorporate, S.L. representada por Antonio Couceiro Méndez;

In addition, the Board of Directors of the company, on the same date, has agreed to appoint as Chairman of the Audit Committee to Mr. Alberto Alejandro López Gómez for the term of four (4) years and as Secretary to D. Antonio Couceiro, for the same period.
The main task of the Audit Committee is to evaluate the system of accounting verification of the company, to ensure the independence of the External Auditor, to revise the internal control system and to monitor the observance of the rules of Government of the company.
The Chairman of the Audit Committee shall be appointed from among the independent directors who are part of it and shall be replaced every 4 years, and may be re-elected after a period of 1 year from its termination.