Corporate bylaws

Article 1.- Registeredname

The company is named “Greenalia, S.A.” and is governed by these Articles of Association, and by the other ruling legal provisions.

Article 2.- Objects

The Company’s object is:
All the activities related to the sustainable economy (green economy) and more specifically the production of electrical energy through renewable sources, as well as all the complementary activities related to that end.
II. The promotion, management, exploitation, maintenance and commercialization of energy utilization and production facilities.
III. The acquisition and sale of shares and shares representing the capital stock of any type of company, including those of the same or similar corporate purpose, through the subscription or assumption in the incorporation or capital increase of companies or by any other title, as well as the management and management of all the economic activities of these companies.
IV. The financing of the subsidiaries companies.
V. The provision of all management support services that the subsidiaries companies require for the proper management and administration of their own business, either through the Company’s personnel or third parties. Included in this set of support services are the services associated with the organizational structure, such as the maintenance of the vehicle fleet, as well as other assets of the group companies.