Corporate Excellence

Business Excellence is the set of outstanding practices in the management of an organization and the achievement of results based on fundamental concepts, including: results & customer orientation, leadership and perseverance, sound management and process standardization, human talent involvement , continuous improvement and innovation, mutually beneficial partnerships and social responsibility.

Greenalia has laid upon the implementation of these practices, as well as for a progressive professionalization of its team of people. This talent management is complemented with training programs in technical and management aspects (GTD, …).

In addition to the continuous training of personnel, in order to reach corporate excellence, Greenalia has implemented advanced management systems such as SAP – for financial & economic processes -, XRT – corporate treasury management – and DocuWare – as document manager. As part of these standardization and automation processes, BPC has been implemented for management control and EPM processes. The group holds a 5-year strategic plan whose diversion analysis scheme facilitates the Business management and monitoring.

Furthermore, the group is also audited by one of the leading auditing companies, PwC, while advised by top-level specialist firms (Garrigues, G-Advisory, KPMG, …). This process of continuous improvement and excellence in management pursuance, will stand out Greenalia’s strategy in the present and future in order to maximize profits and achieve established objectives.