• The project, made public today, together with its environmental impact study, includes – among other information – archeological and noise reports, along with a preliminary report on birds in the area.
  • The Wind Farm will have three wind turbines, an investment of over 10 million euros and will mobilize 130 jobs.

Greenalia, based in A Coruña, will develop 13.5 MW Rodicio II Wind Farm, which foresees the installation of three wind turbines distributed between the Ourense municipalities of Maceda and Montederramo. The machines will have a hub height of 107.5 m and rotor diameter of 145 m, producing 41.308 MWh/year.

The project has three primary objectives for the company: protecting the environment, wind-power development in areas with top wind resource, and a business strategy focus. Its design has been completed in three phases: first an environmental analysis aiming to determine areas with restrictions, then a technical study for the project’s development, and finally a verification of the possible environmental impacts. Through the various studies, the farm was designed by selecting the option presenting the lowest environmental impact, primarily regarding vegetation, landscape, and cultural and touristic heritage.

As such, the environmental report concluded the wind farm’s compatibility with the values of its surroundings. There will be no impact with regard to heritage, as there are no elements of culture or heritage within the scope of the wind farm.

A pre-operational study is being prepared for a full annual cycle regarding birds and bats in the area, which will be attached to the study after its completion. Once the overall results have been obtained, any new additional measures in this regard will be detailed, if necessary. Likewise, a continuous monitoring plan will be established to ensure that information is kept up to date.

With regard to any possible impact on the landscape, higher-powered wind turbines have been selected in order to reduce the number of machines constructed; painted in white, light grey, or similar tones; and with a semi-matt finish. The substation will be constructed according to regional traditions and in a flat area, surrounded by a screen of vegetation in order to improve its integration with the environment.

New wind turbine developments in Galicia

Greenalia currently has 46.5 MW of currently operating wind turbines and another 27.7 MW in construction, adding-up to a total of 74 MW – to which a further 270 MW will be added in the coming years. As such, during 2021, the company will begin the construction of the wind farms ready for development included in its Eolo I plan, which will amount to a total of 135 MW and for which funding has already been secured. To this we add a further 135 MW awarded in January in the Ministry of Ecological Transition’s renewables auction. In total, 270 MW will be progressively implemented from 2022 onwards.