Greenalia Forest just incorporated to its inner work procedures a computer application for field data collection to integrate the information related to the forest logging, improving this way management by using right planning, execution and control.

This application performs automatic georeferencing of woods and cadastral data collection, provides optimized tools to support forest mensuration for each species as well as an easy linking system for resources and document generation from an inner agenda.

The point is to simplify the work of forestry and administrative personnel, optimizing the integration of information, winding up errors, bringing in order and sound management to reduce unproductive costs.

The tool can both work off-line or on-line, dumping in data into a cloud-based database. The subsequent data management will facilitate the preparation of corresponding documentation related to the holding ( cut-off permits, chain of custody control, etc.), allowing then to obtain summaries of data and woodlots control and all associated documents.

For app development we have counted on the collaboration of our consulting firm +DERA solutions A.I.E., specialized in innovation in the forestry sector and in forest-industry chain through the development of specific software and mobile technologies.


About +Dera

+Dera is a firm specialized in forestry-based app development