As a result of the work begun in 2014, the implementation SAP modules for sales, purchasing, logistics, production and finance (FI-CO) for Greenalia Forest was ended on January 1st.

With this milestone, the company Greenalia Forest merges into other Group´s subsidiaries already using this management system.

On January 1st, the new management system for Greenalia Forest with the “go-live” from the market benchmark ERP : SAP started functioning. This kick-off is part of the processes improvement and automation strategy, and part of the Group´s integral management control which includes (among others):

  • Management and reporting control model (EPM): Consolidation and Financial Planning (budgets): SAP BPC
  • Corporate treasury management system: Sage XRT
  • Document Manager: DocuWare
  • Scorecard: Qlikview

The implementation of these key tools, together with the professionalism of the company and the continuous procedures improvement, will help market leaders to solve the challenges they face today.

With this inclusion, all Group´s companies are managed by using a single ERP, aligning objectives between functions and companies, facilitating the unification of business processes within the Group and allowing the achievement of a set of key challenges:

  • Build an integrated business model based on industry best practices and standard SAP processes
  • Standardize and reconcile business management by developing corporate application procedures for all Group´s companies
  • Define key global indicators for business (KPIs) allowing financial and management reporting, with strategic and operational objectives
  • Flexibility and scalability to support future business growth
  • Cost management and efficient organizational resources handling
  • Responding to information needs in a timely and proper way
  • Improvement of analytical capacity and forecasted information
  • Higher involvement in corporate strategic projects
  • Focus Senior Management´s attention on the metrics and indicators needed to execute the Company´s strategy and optimize results


About SAP:

This Deutch company has presence in more than 345,000 companies in 180 countries, being the world leader in enterprise software and related services. It is also the third largest software manufacturer in the world.

87% of Forbes Global 2000 companies use SAP as their ERP.