After the recent publication of AENOR’s Initial Public Audit Report, Greenalia Forest has obtained the PEFC Forest Management Certificate.

This new certification comes in addition to the FSC seal that the Forestry Management Group “Greenalia Forest, SL” has held since 2013, both guaranteeing the sound management of Group´s forests according to these two standards that provide for environmental, social and economic aspects.

The aim of these certification schemes is no other that whoever adopts it can check against its forest management practices the stipulated standards, demonstrating so their compliance. Certification of sustainable forest management may also serve either to validate the proper application of producer’s environmentally friendly practices or to provide objectively verified data on forest products and forests from which they are obtained.

The Garcia Forestal´s commitment entails into a sustained use of forest resources, specifically the use of wood and biomass. To this end, the best forest practices will be applied to the different phases of the activity (forestry, forestry, residual forest biomass management, reforestation, transport, etc.), protecting and maintaining areas with native vegetation; while trying to contribute to the generation of jobs and benefits for forest land-owners and their environment.

The group´s setup to achieve both certifications, FSC and PEFC, has been carried out with close collaboration with the consultancy firm Cerna Ingeniería (, specialized in sound forest management.


More on FSC:

FSC is a global, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sound forest management around the world.


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PEFC is the world’s leading association for forest sustainability